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It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.

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8 Things The Happiest People Do Every Day

I couldn’t agree more with this list over at

  1. They Smile
  2. They Offer a Helping Hand
  3. They Exercise
  4. They Socialize
  5. They Work Towards Goals
  6. They Express Gratitude
  7. They Face Stress Head-On
  8. They Remain Optimistic

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7 Ways To Increase Leisure Time (or be more productive)

Great article talking about how everyone feels overwhelmed but we actually have more leisure time than ever. Here are the 7 scientifically proven things you can do to be more productive:

  1. Write it All Down
  2. Prioritize or Die
  3. Make Things Automatic
  4. Work like an Athlete
  5. Switch to Singletasking
  6. Only Handle it Once
  7. Have Leisure Goals

30 Simple Things You Don’t Realize You Do That Impress Everyone Around You

Great article over at identifying how doing the simple things earn you great respect.

  1. Dress the part
  2. Be on time
  3. Don’t break your promises
  4. Respect others
  5. Be involved
  6. Say, “Please,” and, “Thank you,” often
  7. Smile often
  8. Don’t be constantly using your phone
  9. Be faithful to your partner
  10. Support your children
  11. Personal hygiene isn’t an option, it’s a requirement
  12. Speak clearly and make eye contact
  13. Don’t chew gum
  14. Use humor
  15. Greet people with a handshake or hug
  16. Be true to yourself
  17. Listen to others
  18. Perform acts of kindness
  19. Be organized
  20. Compliment people
  21. Share knowledge and information with others
  22. Be positive and focus on the good
  23. Help others
  24. Keep a clean car
  25. Care about people
  26. Don’t take offense
  27. Own up to your mistakes
  28. Take advantage of experiences life has to offer
  29. Know what’s going on in the world
  30. Travel

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8 Secrets to Success

Richard St. John. In his “8 Secrets of Success” TED talk, he shares the elements of success he compiled after interviewing 500 successful people:

  1. Passion. Though recently a buzzword, it’s also a major happiness factor.
  2. Work.
  3. Expertise. Get good and own your skill.
  4. Focus. Practice it like a muscle.
  5. Push. Push yourself through self-doubt and inhibitions. Even great people think they’re not good enough.
  6. Serve. Serve people something of value because it’s how you get rich.
  7. Ideas. Follow through with your ideas; we all have them. Creativity isn’t magic.
  8. Persist. Persistence, according to St. John, is the number one reason for success. Persist through failure and CRAP (criticism, rejection, assholes and pressure).

Here’s the video:

10 Painfully Obvious Truths About Life

Awesome article over at Marc and Angel Hack Life that reminds everyone of a few key life truths:

  1. The average human life is short.
  2. You will only ever live the life you create for yourself
  3. Being busy does NOT mean being productive.
  4. Some kind of failure always occurs before success.
  5. Thinking and doing are two very different things.
  6. You don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive.
  7. Some people are simply the wrong match for you.
  8. It’s not other people’s job to love you; it’s yours.
  9. What you own is not who YOU are.
  10. Everything changes, every second.